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the first techwork blog

hi everyone,
so techwork decided to blog about what’s going on and what our thoughts are about the way it departments are run at the moment. so what i would like to share with you first is our first exciting development: techwork resource scenario management - short RSM.

as an it professional you are probably aware with some of the issues our clients were facing in relation to managing the lifecycle of a project:
- information is gathered and collected within multiple different solutions (excel, word, issue management tools etc.)
- so with the information being stored in a couple of different tools how does one get an overview of the status of the current projects that he or she is working on?
- which brings us the another challenge: how does one effectively report back to the business user about the progress of projects

well why don’t you go ahead and check out the following page to give you short introduction what it is we did to try and address some of those issues

just click on resource simulation on the top right hand side - it’ll get you right there!

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